This is a LoremPixel component that I built:

export default function LoremPixel({ url = 'http://lorempixel.com', width = 200, height = 400, alt = 'Placeholder image' }) {
  const src = `${url}/${width}/${height}`;
  return (<img className={centerImage} src={src} alt={alt} />);

const { string, number, oneOf } = PropTypes;

LoremPixel.propTypes = {
  url: string,
  height: oneOf(string, number),
  width: oneOf(string, number),
  alt: string,

I am supposed to get a randomized image of width 200 and height 400 every single time but instead I always see the same image in all my LoremPixel components.

Cute puppy lorempixel repeated image

I call it in my component like:

  return (
    <Card containerStyle={containerStyle}>
      <span className={authorStyle}>{author}</span>
        <LoremPixel width={200} height={100} />
      <CardText style={textStyle}>
        <LoremIpsum />
      <CardActions style={actionsStyle}>
        <FlatButton label="Buy Now" />

from the Book component which is called in a Bookshelf component:

Books = books.map(book => (<div
  <Book {...book} />

I think you get the same image because of cache. You can add current timestamp to the url to avoid that:

const src = `${url}/${width}/${height}?t=${Date.now()}`;
  • Nice, it works now. – vamsiampolu Nov 15 '16 at 0:09

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