I am trying to create a docker container. It is supposed to run forever in background. But whenever I press Ctrl+C or docker stop, it should close without wasting any further time.

My current code

#RUN trap 'echo $excode' EXIT HUP INT QUIT PIPE TERM
ENTRYPOINT while :; do read; done
#ENTRYPOINT trap "exit 1" SIGTERM SIGHUP && tail -f /dev/null & wait && exit 0

I can make it run forever but for some reason my script is not receiving TRAP events. Any clue how to fix that.


You could consider using (with docker 1.9+) STOPSIGNAL in your Dockerfile.

The STOPSIGNAL instruction sets the system call signal that will be sent to the container to exit.
This signal can be a valid unsigned number that matches a position in the kernel’s syscall table, for instance 9, or a signal name in the format SIGNAME, for instance SIGKILL.

But for a script managing such a signal, see "Trapping signals in Docker containers" and its program.sh to orchestrate other non-PID1 processes.

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Start your container with the flags : -t & -i :

docker run -it --name=<container_name> <image>:<tag>

This will enable you to exit using ctrl+c

See this docker issue for more info.

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    I would add at the end /bin/bash as then It opens the bash command line. – kimy82 Sep 19 '17 at 7:38
  • Am using docker version 17.05, -it option works with Ctrl + C, ie the container shell awaits till Ctrl + C is entered.Once entered, the container process exits. This is due to the use of -i in the option that makes the container process's STDIN open.On inputting Ctrl +C, the while loop exits, and the container process also dies with it. – Binita Bharati May 24 '18 at 10:32

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