Trying to use the nifty Jenkins Pipeline, I had problems finding out how to publish NUnit test results.

I am able to run the tests by specifying the following command in the pipeline script:

stage 'Test'
    bat '"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\NUnit 2.6.4\\bin\\nunit-console-x86.exe" "ProjectName\\bin\\Release\\UnitTests.net.dll"'

But how to make Jenkins "publish" the test results is not obvious. The Snippet Generator only suggests junit, and that does not seem to work.


I used nunit plugin version 0.21 and was able to publish results using

     nunit testResultsPattern: 'TestResult.xml'

(TestResult.xml is at the root of jenkins workspace in this above example)

  • It seems like the issue has been resolved at this time. – Ola Eldøy Aug 29 '17 at 9:53
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Investigating the NUnit plugin for Jenkins led me on to this issue, where I found the solution:

step([$class: 'NUnitPublisher', testResultsPattern: 'TestResult.xml', debug: false, 
                 keepJUnitReports: true, skipJUnitArchiver:false, failIfNoResults: true])

Adding this to the pipeline script worked for me!

However, it seemed the following should also work (but at the present, apparently, it does not): Using the Snippet Generator, select this:

step: General Build Step
Publish NUnit test result report

This generates the following in the Pipeline script:

step <object of type hudson.plugins.nunit.NUnitPublisher>

This fails!

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