I installed newest versions of MySQL, IIS (on windows 10) and PHPMyAdmin.

But PHPMyAdmin 4.6.4 returns an error:

Failed to generate random CSRF token!

If I use PHPMyAdmin I can connect to my local mysql server.

How can I fix this problem in PHPMyAdmin 4.6.4 (on windows IIS)?

  • I had this error too, out from nowhere (I didn't install new software, just updated one game...). So I changed Apache port number, and it helped.
    – ZygD
    Mar 9, 2017 at 22:27

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modify php.ini :

session.save_path = "c:\session"

grant modify c:\session permission to USERS

run command: iisreset

  • I have the same phpamdin error question on appserv in windows version. How can I grant the permission to USERS? Can you help me? I reinstall the appserv last time happend, now it happens again. I don't know how come the error...
    – robspin
    May 23, 2018 at 9:22
  • how do I grant modify c:\session permission to USERS? do I run the iisreset command from command prompt? please elaborate, I'm very new to these technical setup stuff..
    – dapidmini
    Nov 12, 2018 at 6:35

royhutw is kind of right.

The default session.save_path is C:\Windows\Temp. If you're getting this error IIS probably doesn't have permissions to create a session file there.

Only thing you'll have to do is give "IUSR" modify permissions on this folder and reload your phpMyAdmin page.


I will write here, maybe it will be useful to someone. I have a similar problem but with mysql 8 on debian 9 and sometimes I get an error token. This kind of stupid solution works for me: I change the line in php.ini:

session.save_path = "/ var / lib / php / sessions"

For anything, later I run:

sudo service apache2 restart

And once again I change the exchange line above to the correct one and reset again and I can log in to phpmyadmin ...


In the web browser, manually delete the entry "phpMyAdmin", it will be solved easily. For mine it worked!

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