I have a project that I built with the old Codename One UI Designer. It has many 'SpanButtons' that I need to change for 'Buttons'. I don't want to have to do this using the Designer tool as it will involve a lot of work. Which files should I manually edit to make the change?


This wouldn't be much simpler with the old designer...

You can migrate to the new GUI builder which will be a lot of work.

Alternatively you can try this but a word of warning you would want to backup everything...

Turn on File -> XML Team Mode then save and close the designer. Open all the relevant .ui files under the res directory and edit them appropriately.

Open the top level XML file of the resource file (usually theme.xml) and set the attribute useXmlUI=true in the top tag.

Finally reopen the res file in the designer and save.

  • I tried editing the files following your procedure but it did not work. I edited the .ui files, changing all occurrences of 'SpanButton' to 'Button' and saved but when I opened designer it still showed SpanButtons. When I saved the designer again the .ui files had all reverted to show 'SpanButtons' again. The designer does not seem to load directly from the .ui files. – Toby Mundy Nov 16 '16 at 18:50
  • I neglected the portion about useXmlUI you also need that step of the .ui files to be read otherwise they are write only. – Shai Almog Nov 17 '16 at 3:17
  • Still not working for me. I get a number of 'Error creating component: xxxxxx java.lang.NullPointerException trying to recover dialogs when opening the designer. When the designer opens most of the forms are missing / corrupted. – Toby Mundy Nov 17 '16 at 20:32
  • Yes once you get an exception that will be the case try running the designer from the command line and see the exceptions you get codenameone.com/blog/using-designer-command-line-options.html I'm guessing that the syntax for the button component is probably different than the SpanButton and you need to adapt the custom properties to match the builtin properties. – Shai Almog Nov 18 '16 at 4:49

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