Is there a quick way to open all files with a diff between 2 commits in intellij?

Im looking at my diffs in gitlab and Im thinking itd be easier to just do the edits there, yet I want the benefits of the IDE so to speak.

  • It is 5 years later and still without solution. For idea 2021.2.2 IC I can selecting two commits and using "Compare Versions" from context menu I can see all changed files BUT cannot open them all and it was the goal of this question. I need such functionality to for code reviews and want to run inspections only on files from diff.
    – kodstark
    Sep 21 '21 at 11:33
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    I created a ticket for that functionality youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-278659
    – kodstark
    Sep 21 '21 at 22:01

I think this is the closest solution you can have.

  • Open Version Control tool window.
  • Go to Log tab.
  • You can see the network diagram. Select 2 commits that you want to compare.
  • Then from the right hand side you can see the list of diff files between 2 commits.

enter image description here

  • Further you can select a file from the list and, click on top left red color button (Diff button) on the file list window and see the diff for that file. And you can iterate forward and backward through the list of diff files by the next and back buttons (keyboard shortcuts too) on top left on diff window. :))

enter image description here

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    Bit more: It looks like I have to shift click 2 commits to get all the diffs. Click the diff for that file means I can then flip through all the diffs listed using next and back buttons in the top left. This is going to be the best solution I can get, I figure the Gitlab layout is still slightly more intuitive in this sense. Thanks you. Nov 17 '16 at 10:05
  • @PaulStanley thnk you very much, I added your detail too. :)) Nov 17 '16 at 10:19
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    Update: In a current version (2019.2) you have to select two commits from the log (ctrl+click), then right-click on one of them and select "Compare Versions". You then get a window with all the changed files and can get a Diff by selecting a folder or file and clicking on the "two blue arrows"-button. ;)
    – Zaphoid
    Mar 19 '20 at 9:47
  • For idea 2021.2.2 IC that answer is not valid. Selecting two commits with Ctrl or Shift is showing in panel on right only files updated in those commits - not files changed between those commits. However after selecting two commits and using "Compare Versions" from context menu I can see all changed files BUT cannot open them all and it was the goal of this question.
    – kodstark
    Sep 21 '21 at 11:31

This is easy to do through the IntelliJ IDEA menu system.

Suppose you are working on a branch cool-feat and you want to compare all files against branch master. Starting at the top menu, select:

VCS -> Git -> Branches

a pop-up menu will appear. Then, select:

master -> Compare with Current

A comparison window will open, showing all the commits since branch cool-feat was created. Select the tab Files, then select the first icon in the top-left corner under the word 'Difference', which looks like 2 arrows pointing inward (you can also use cmd-D). This brings up the file comparison window, with the current version of a file (branch cool-feat) on the left, and the version from master on the right (the git commit sha and lock symbol indicate this).

You can use the up/down arrays in the top left corner to jump between changed source lines. I have remapped keys alt-upArrow and alt-downArrow to make this easier.


VCS => Browse VCS Repository => Show Git Repository Log or Right clik on the file => local history => Show History for one file

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