I have a form in Access which sorts queries with start date and end date. There are 4 different buttons A,B,C,D which have 4 textboxes beside them. Each of these button runs a query within the stipulated dates. I made another query named Count which counts the records in all the 4 queries. It has 4 fields named FieldA, FieldB, FieldC and Field D.

I made this Count query as the Record Source of the form and I added the fields FieldA, FieldB, FieldC, FieldD into the 4 text boxes. When I turn back into Form View or when I refresh the form the 4 textboxes are filled with 0 as a value. Although in the Count Query their values are 20, 25, 56, 97.

What could be the possible reason for it not to work? Why are the values not shown in the textboxes?

  • Where's your query SQL and button code. I wouldn't be using COUNT as a query name, table name or field name - it's a reserved word – dbmitch Nov 18 '16 at 19:06

Tried to recreate your problem, my form does display the number of records correctly.
I have 4 queries based on some tables, and I created a Count query with the following SQL:

SELECT DCount("*","Query1") AS FieldA,
DCount("*","Query2") AS FieldB,
DCount("*","Query3") AS FieldC,
DCount("*","Query4") AS FieldD;

Then created form based on this Count query, the bound form displays the values correctly.

Then i grabbed one unbound form and set the recordsource to the query, and bound some textboxes to FieldA, B , C and D. the results were shown correctly.

The only thing I can infer from your problem is that your Count query is not correclty formulated.

  • The Count query which you have created uses DCount. It is very slow if there are more than 4000 records to Count. It gives me a lot of Performance issues to use DCount and that is why I shifted to Bound based form and I used a query similar to yours with Count(*) but when I drag those fields onto my form. They give me a 0 Value – Tai Lung Nov 17 '16 at 14:38

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