I am new to theano and am trying to figure out how to add a row of ones to a matrix tensor where the first shape of the input tensor will vary slightly e.g. (50000, 784), (10000, 784) using MNIST. Taking a numpy example; this is what I would like to achieve in theano, where array would be a tensor:

array = np.zeros((2,2))
array = np.hstack((np.ones((2,1)), array))

I have looked at shape_padleft as well as pad_right and padaxis but have been unable to achieve the desired result.

Thanks very much for any help! Ben

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So in answering my own question ;) I hope this helps anyone else!

A = T.matrix('A')
B = T.ones_like(A[:,0])
C = T.concatenate([T.shape_padright(B), A], axis=1)


>> array([[1., 0., 0.],
          [1., 0., 0.]])

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