In a situation similar to this one, Getting joined data from strongloop/loopback, where one has Products and product Categories, how does one return the Category Name rather than the id (foreign key) as the default response for /Products? I've been able to hide the id field but not return the name. Thanks.

  • Is your problem solved ? – Overdrivr Jan 12 '17 at 12:05

Supposing you have the relation Product hasOne Category, called productCat

With Node API

 include: {
    relation: 'productCat', // include the Category object
    scope: { // further filter the Category object
      fields: 'name', // only show category name
}, function(err, results) { /* ... */});


GET api/Products?filter={"include":{"relation":"productCat","scope":{"fields":"name"}}}

Hope this helps (haven't tested it but it should work)

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