It seems to be more convenient to simply use something like sub.eval() instead of, so would it be more convenient to always use InteractiveSession()? Are there any tradeoffs if we were to use InteractiveSession() all the time?

So far the only 'disadvantage' I see is that I can't use something like:

with tf.InteractiveSession() as sess:
   result = product.eval() #Where product is a simple matmul
   print result

Instead I've to just define sess = tf.InteractiveSession right away.

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From their implementation, the InteractiveSession sets itself as the default session and your subsequent eval() calls can use this session. You should be able to use the InteractiveSession in almost all the cases where you use Session.

One small difference is that you don't need to use InteractiveSession in a with block:

sess = tf.InteractiveSession()
# do your work

So don't forget to close the session after doing your work.

Here is an comparison between and eval(): In TensorFlow, what is the difference between and Tensor.eval()?

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