Is there a way to replicate any DAM asset to another AEM 6.2 instance(author) maintaining all its versions and its audit log? The requirement is to archive some of the assets to save some capacity on current instance. Has anyone tried to achieve this earlier? With the below snippet I am able to replicate some of the versions, but this is not consistent and the version being created on other instance is due to DAM Metadata Writeback process on Archival AEM 6.2 instance:

for (Version v : findAllVersions(path, session)) {
            if (v != null) {

                // Set version name to ReplicationOption
                String versionName = v.getName();
                // Replicate the version calling replicator service
                        ReplicationActionType.ACTIVATE, path, opts);

                logger.info("Replicated for version :" + versionName
                        + " for path :" + path);
            } else {
                        "Not replicated as no version found for the path.",


Could anyone please shed some light on this?

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