In Excel 2013, I am programmatically adding a chart. To do so, I need to specify WHERE the chart is located. Specifically top, left, height and width. All these coordinates are points, not cell addresses. For example, the default height of a cell if 15 points. I know the cell address where I want the Graph to be located. How do I convert a cell address to a point? There has to be a better way than just iterating through every previous row/column and adding their height/width...

For example, Cell 'F7' might be 120 points left, and have a top point location of 90.

If it helps any, the syntax to add the chart is...

  • You want the chart to span the full width of the screen?
    – Andreas
    Nov 17, 2016 at 12:47
  • No, Width would be reasonably static based on the type of data I am charting. I am more concerned about Left and Top. For example, I might want the chart to be to the right of a Pivot Table. I know the Pivot table goes from Column 'A' to column 'L'. I want the Chart to start at Column L + one empty column, so starting at column 'N', specifically 'N4'. How do I convert N4 to Left and Top points? Nov 17, 2016 at 12:54

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Try this:

    X = Range("N4").Left
    Y = Range("N4").Top

I don't have anything to test it on so not sure it works.


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