I need a Issue Tracking System that allow me to share information on a selective manner.

I would be able to define these groups:

  • supplier (my company)
  • subcontractors
  • customer

Then, I would be able to define three type of permissions for issues:

  1. Issue that can be viewed only by supplier
  2. Issue that can be viewed only by supplier and subcontractors
  3. Issue that can be viewed by all (supplier, subcontractors, customer)

I tried redmine but I didn't find a way of hide some issues, they are always visible. There is an open issue and a patch for that but I not sure if it suit well for my situation. With this patch you need always to remember to make it private and there is only a level of permission: private or not. I need something more flexible.


I need a software that works on Fedora Linux.

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It seems that the Bugzilla (one of the oldest large open-source bug tracking tools currently used for Mozilla projects (Thunderbird, Firefox, etc) might have the features you want, check out their Group security.


Jira security feature with issue and comment level security.
It is normally commercial licence.
But you could apply for free licence if you work for non profit organization (apply here) or with an open source (apply here) project.


FogBugz - http://www.fogcreek.com/FogBUGZ/

Free trial 25per user per month and you can setup different groups.

  • looks like it did a few years ago -- support.fogcreek.com/default.asp?fogbugz.4.8421.3 – jacobsee Jan 2 '09 at 22:59
  • Its a web based application, they can host it for you or you can buy it and host it your self. You would have to look up the OS requirements to host it yourself. – Mark Jan 3 '09 at 1:18

Flyspray is a free, uncomplicated bug-tracking system, supporting both global and project-level groups: i would give it a try.


If I recall correctly mantis does fit your requirements.


Mantisbt (free, Php) defines the notion of access level (that you can customize)

define( 'VIEWER', 10 ) // <= legacy 


define( 'VIEWER_FOR_SUPPLIERS', 11 )

Caveat: some tweaking may be involved to associate those new access level with your bugs, in particular the definition of a custom field in the bug in order to classify it amongst your three "viewer" categories...

Note: you have also the possibility to limit the access of a user to the bugs he/she has opened.


Others already mentioned Jira, from my own experience I can also highly recommend Bontq because of the enormous amount of customization that can be done. The only thing that I don't really like is that their desktop app is java-based(not the best solution for desktop apps), but the web interface works as expected.


You can try this bug tracking system It has few level of permission and very low cost, we are using both tests and bugs but you can use only the bug section.

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