Right now I am using the prompt command as a workaround to copy arbitrary text out of my JSX script in Photoshop.

prompt("to copy",(horizontalcenter.toString()) + ", " + verticalcenter.toString());

And that is giving me the information that I want. The "to copy" just gives the title, then the information I want to copy out of Photoshop is in the prompt box already selected. So all I have to do is hit control C, go to Notepad++ where I need this information, and hit control V.

It works, but it could be faster. There has to be a way to copy this information out of Photoshop straight to the clipboard, no?

  • Possible solution -- write the string to a text layer on the image. Then use the limited clipboard scripting methods in Photoshop. For my own reference later, they work on objects ArtLayer / Selection / Document. But ArtLayer and Selection are the only ones with copy. See page 54 of Adobe CS4 Scripting Guide for more info: adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/devnet/photoshop/pdfs/… – Lars Markelson Nov 1 '10 at 9:00
  • Anyone have a solution that works on the Mac? – Aaron May 9 '12 at 18:49

Photoshop 13.1 (the latest Creative Cloud release of Photoshop CS6) now has a hook allowing you to do this directly. Here's a sample function:

function copyTextToClipboard( txt )
    const keyTextData         = app.charIDToTypeID('TxtD');
    const ktextToClipboardStr = app.stringIDToTypeID( "textToClipboard" );

    var textStrDesc = new ActionDescriptor();

    textStrDesc.putString( keyTextData, txt );
    executeAction( ktextToClipboardStr, textStrDesc, DialogModes.NO );

Please note this won't work in versions of Photoshop prior to 13.1


Found the answer on a Photoshop scripting forum.


function copyTextToClipboard(text)
   var folderForTempFiles = Folder.temp.fsName;

   // create a new textfile and put the text into it
   var clipTxtFile =new File(folderForTempFiles + "/ClipBoard.txt"); 

   // use the clip.exe to copy the contents of the textfile to the windows clipboard
   var clipBatFile =new File(folderForTempFiles + "/ClipBoard.bat"); 
   clipBatFile.writeln("cat \"" + folderForTempFiles + "/ClipBoard.txt\"|clip"); 

It's placing the text you want to copy in a temp text file, then copying it from that text file. I didn't even know you could place text into a text file. Apparently the javascript capabilities in Photoshop are much more powerful than I realized!

  • It's worth noting that this answer is windows only, though you could do something similar on OS X with pbcopy. – Yona Appletree Oct 22 '15 at 22:14

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