I've installed and configured GOClipse v0.16.1 on eclipse Neon (obviously, I've installed GO and tested it from command line).

To test the plugin, I created a GO project with a command and a package, formatted, built and ran the command. All good!

But when I try to import an existing GO project, eclipse doesn't recognise it as a GO project. Hence, I can't build it from within eclipse. The source is located in $GOPATH/src where the test project's code is.

Is there anything else I need to do?


The "Import existing projects into workspace" wizard only works for existing Eclipse projects, that is, locations that have Eclipse's .project file already.

If you have just a Go project, you should use the Eclipse "New Go Project" wizard, and specify on the wizard the location of your existing Go project.

  • Cool. Thanks mate. I didn't think I can use "new project" wizard to import an "existing" project. – Amir Keibi Nov 18 '16 at 17:45

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