There are some screenshots of tensorboard from TF-0.11:

Distributions(which is the old version of "HISTOGRAMS")

New version of "HISTOGRAMS"(overlay)

This is from the example mnist_with_summaries.py.

The network is:

input: (batchsize * 784)

layer1: preactivations=input*weights+bias weights->(784*500),bias->(500)





My problem is that i cant understant the meaning of this new “HISTOGRAMS”... In the second screenshot, the "step 16" of fig "layer1/bias(train)" has the point (0.0986,121).Does that means that there are 121 bias parameters whose value is 0.0986?

But this meaning looks can not be generalized to other fig in “HISTOGRAMS” like "layer1/activations(train)".I don't think layer1 has more than 500 activations values,but the plot has a point with a number of "3.00e+4".

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