I am assisting someone on a dapper related integration and there is currently a scenario where we have some data that we need to get into a stored procedure. So we can write the stored procedure however we want, and can write the dapper bit however we want, but the object would look something like:

public class SomeComplexObject
   public string Something {get; set;}
   public string SomethingElse {get;set;}

This would be within an array with anywhere from 1-N amounts of these objects. So we need to pass these to a stored proc for it to use as part of its internal query stuffs.

So if I were to do something like:

new SqlParameter("arrayOfGoodies", arrayOfComplexObjects);

However it gives us the error:

No mapping exists from object type

This makes sense as how would it know how to convert this array of Pocos into something for the SQL world, but somehow I need to get this data into the stored procedure. So is there a way to do this, by either telling dapper about this type, or possibly using one of those table value parameter things or something?


I found way for PostgreSQL.

For explain,select list of users with the specified ID and Login.

in DB:

create table user_apt
    id bigint,
    login varchar(100),
    owner_name varchar(500),
    password varchar(50),
    is_active boolean,
    date_edit timestamp default now()

create type  t_user_test AS
  id bigint,
  login varchar(100),
  owner_name varchar(500)

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION test_pass_object_array(i_users t_user_test)
  RETURNS SETOF t_user_test
LANGUAGE plpgsql
AS $$
  return query
  FROM user_apt ua
  inner join i_users inp ON ua.id=inp.id AND ua.login=inp.login;

In C#

using Dapper;
using Npgsql;
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Data;

namespace DapperSPWithClass
    public class User
        public long ID { get; set; }
        public string Login { get; set; }
        public string Owner_Name { get; set; }

    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            var connectionString = "Server=;Port=5432;Database=test;User     Id=My;Password=SuperSecretPass;Timeout=15;";
            var lsUser = new List<User> {
            new User{
            new User{

            using (var conn = new NpgsqlConnection(connectionString))
                conn.TypeMapper.MapComposite<User>("t_user_test"); // Here is the magic we needed
                var res = conn.Query<User>("test_pass_object_array", commandType:     CommandType.StoredProcedure, param: new { i_users = lsUser });





I found MapComposite in the article https://www.npgsql.org/doc/types/enums_and_composites.html


You can pass the array as Table Valued Parameter. Unfortunately you would have to convert it into a DataTable first.

For example:

    conn.Execute("My_SP", new { values = myTable.AsTableValuedParameter("MyType") }, 
commandType: CommandType.StoredProcedure);

Some more examples here

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