I am querying the spotify api for a list of tracks for a given query using ws, when I come to transform the JSON data into a case class I'm getting an error that I've yet to figure out...

class SearchController @Inject() (
  val ws: WSClient
    ) extends Controller {

  case class TrackSearch(href: String)

  implicit val trackResultsReads: Reads[TrackSearch] = (
      (__ \ "tracks" \ "href").read[String]
    )(TrackSearch.apply _)

  def index = Action.async { implicit request =>
    search("track", param(request, "q")).map { r =>
       val ts = r.json.as[TrackSearch]

  private def search(category: String, query: String): Future[Try[WSResponse]] = {
      .withQueryString("q" -> query, "type" -> category)
      .recover { case x => Failure(x) }

  private def param(request: Request[AnyContent], name: String): String = {

The error I am getting is:

Overloaded method value [read] cannot be applied to  (String => SearchController.this.TrackSearch)

  implicit val trackResultsReads: Reads[TrackSearch] 
>    (__ \ "tracks" \ "href").read[String]
  )(TrackSearch.apply _)

If I query the JSPath in my action, I can get the "href" string back fine, so it is not that:

println(r._2.json \ "tracks" \ "href")

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The issue is that there is just a single field. If you added a second field it would compile. I don't fully understand why it shouldn't compile with a single field. So in the single field case, try the following:

implicit val trackResultsReads: Reads[TrackSearch] = {
  ((__ \ "tracks" \ "href").read[String])

Here is quite an old link where I found the above. See also this link for a similar SO question with a different approach.

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