I have a zip file in assets. On first run of app, zip file (all files and folders) gets unzipped and stored in internal storage area. The base unzipped path is getFilesDir(). Since zip also contains folders, i could not use openFileOutput as it gave an error, contains a path separator. So i have used FileOutputStream instead which is now working fine. Since FileOutputStream does not expect private flag. Are these unzipped files and folders are private to my app or can they be accessed from other apps?

Here's the code,

`public boolean unpackZip(InputStream is, String path) throws IOException {
        String filename;
        ZipInputStream zis = new ZipInputStream(new BufferedInputStream(is));
        ZipEntry ze;
        byte[] buffer = new byte[1024];
        int count;

while ((ze = zis.getNextEntry()) != null) { filename = ze.getName(); // Need to create directories if not exists, or // it will generate an Exception... if (ze.isDirectory()) { File fmd = new File(path + filename); fmd.mkdirs(); continue; } FileOutputStream fout = new FileOutputStream(path + filename); while ((count = zis.read(buffer)) != -1) { fout.write(buffer, 0, count); } fout.close(); zis.closeEntry(); } zis.close(); return true; }`
  • dr share yr code. – mujjuraja Nov 19 '16 at 10:32
  • 1
    There was no need to show code. getFilesDir() is internal private memory for your app only. – greenapps Nov 19 '16 at 11:01

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