Can I use a socket library from TCC? I can't find any reference to winsock or sys/socket.h in the include directory.

If i remember correctly, winsock was part of the windows platform SDK (?) If so can I link that with TCC?


According to Tinycc-devel mailing list

you should give this a try:

tiny_impdef winsock.dll -o winsock.def
tcc yourcode.c  winsock.def -o yourcode.exe
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  • Found wsock32.h on google code search. It included a few others that were easily found. Worked like a charm, cheers – user181351 Nov 1 '10 at 16:23
  • @tm1rbrt how do you know it worked like a charm if you got the file from somewhere rather than use the method in the answer? btw tcc asks for winsock.h maybe renaming wsock32.h to winsock.h works If so you could put that in your own answer. And it requires common.h which isn't in there. – barlop May 7 '14 at 17:37
  1. Use tiny_impdef.exe to export definitions from the DLL file using the command line:
    tiny_impdef.exe wsock32.dll -o .\lib\wsock32.def

  2. You will also need the header files for your source code to include them. MinGW's ones (such as winsock2.h, ws2tcpip.h, ws2spi.h...) can be reused with TCC.
    The MinGW compiler can be downloaded from here. Just copy the headers you need from MinGW's include directory to TCC's include\winapi directory.

  3. At compilation time, you will need to tell the compiler you are using the Windows socket library:
    tcc.exe path\to\code.c -lwsock32 -o path\to\program.exe

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  • C:\Users\compile\Desktop\tcc>tcc.exe code.c -lwsock32 -o program.exe In file included from code.c:6: c:/users/compile/desktop/tcc/include/winapi/winsock2.h:10: error: include file '_mingw_unicode.h' not found – user3789797 Sep 1 at 8:54
  • Used mingw-w64-v7.0.0: sourceforge.net/projects/mingw-w64 And tcc-0.9.27-win64-bin.zip download.savannah.gnu.org/releases/tinycc – user3789797 Sep 1 at 8:57
  • mingw-w64-v7.0.0.zip\mingw-w64-headers\crt folder does contain _mingw_unicode.h – user3789797 Sep 1 at 8:59
  • However dropping all the headers from mingw-w64-v7.0.0.zip\mingw-w64-headers\crt to the tcc\include does not resolve the problem and continually shows different error: – user3789797 Sep 1 at 9:02
  • C:\Users\compile\Desktop\tcc>tcc.exe code.c -lwsock32 -o program.exe In file included from code.c:5: In file included from c:/users/compile/desktop/tcc/include/stdio.h:9: In file included from c:/users/compile/desktop/tcc/include/crtdefs.h:10: In file included from c:/users/compile/desktop/tcc/include/corecrt.h:10: In file included from c:/users/compile/desktop/tcc/include/_mingw.h:27: c:/users/compile/desktop/tcc/include/stddef.h:18: error: ';' expected (got "extern") – user3789797 Sep 1 at 9:02
tiny_impdef winsock.dll 

copy winsock.def to lib/


tcc -lwinsock yourcode.c -o yourcode.exe
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