I'm using the mongodb package on my Nodejs app. I try to remove an nested object. It work when I put a nested object. It does not work when I put the string into the condition and I don't understand why. Can someone help me?

That doesn't work:

var tmp = 'records.' + j + '.domains';
records.update({'email': '<removed>'}, {'$pull': {tmp: {'_id': req.params.dn}}});

That work:

records.update({'email': '<removed>'}, {'$pull': {'records.1.domain': {'_id': req.params.dn}}});
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You should use the following syntax:

var tmp_key = 'records.' + j + '.domains';
var tmp_value = {'_id': req.params.dn};
var query = {};
query[tmp_key] = tmp_value;
records.update({'email': '<removed>'}, {'$pull': query});

Because you cannot use a variable as key in object literal. Instead construct the object dynamically using obj[tmp] = nested_obj.

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