If I called res.send(), but didn't call next():

  1. Any middleware after this middleware won't be executed.
  2. If this middleware is not the last middleware, then the request will "hang" forever, and will not be garbage collected, because It is still waiting for the next() to be called.

The above is my attempt to argue that I should always call next(), is it true?

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You don't need to call next() to finish sending the response. res.send() or res.json() should end all writing to the response stream and send the response.

However, you absolutely can call next() if you want to do further processing after the response is sent, just make sure you don't write to the response stream after you call res.send().

  • But is express writing something by default? because I have no additional middlewares and if I call it I get an error.
    – htafoya
    Jul 7 '18 at 1:56
  • by default, express has middleware that will send a 404 error if no middleware handled the request. if you put in middleware and dont call next() then you wont get a 404. Jul 7 '18 at 4:21


  1. All the middlewares use same request and response objects, so if you send the response via any middleware all next middlewares will be skipped
  2. You can still execute further operations by calling next(); but you can't do res.send() or res.json() further

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