When I try to publish a link on my own LinkedIn profile via the LinkedIn API, I get this error:

LinkedIn return error

Request Error: Invalid arguments: {S_412_PRECONDITION_FAILED=Invalid arguments}

My request:

$li = new LinkedIn([
    'api_key' => env('LINKEDIN_KEY'),
    'api_secret' => env('LINKEDIN_SECRET'),
    'callback_url' => env('LINKEDIN_REDIRECT_URI')


return $li->post('/people/~/shares', [
    'content' => [
        'title' => 'This is an example of title',
        'description' => 'This is a text with less 256 caracters.',
        'submitted-url' => 'https://www.google.fr/',
    'comment' => 'This is comment with less 700 caracters.',
    'visibility' => [
        'code' => 'anyone'

I use the official API of LinkedIn (linkedinapi/linkedin).

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