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I am trying to access the details for the current url within my chrome extension, however I cannot even console them out.

This is what I have:

function(details) {

{urls: ['*://*.mySite.co.uk/*'], types: ['main_frame']},

Which returns nothing in the console.

I am wanting to redirect a user based on the parameters found in the url. so how do i:

1) get the current url

2) if already contains correct parameter (location=123) then do nothing

3) if not correct parameter of (location=123) then change whatever parameter there, so maybe regex like location=/location=(.*)&/

If would be awesome if I could get that in a function that outputs a new details so I could just o this:

redirectUrl: details.url {
    redirectUrl: details.url 

Thanks guys.


here is the permission section in my manifest file

 "permissions": [

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