I have a snippet of code in my Ionic 2 app that is supposed to grab the Facebook profile of the user after they have successfully logged on. I've verified that the request path /me returns data associated with the user, however when I set the request path to /me/picture, I get an error: There was an error making the graph call.

Here is my code:

if(this.platform.is('cordova')) {

      ]).then((result) => {
        Facebook.api('/me?fields=id,name,email,cover', []).then(data => {

          // Create the user object
          let user = {
            access_token: result.authResponse.accessToken,
            display_name: data.name,
            email: data.email,
            facebook_id: data.id,
            cover_photo: data.cover.source,

          Facebook.api(`me/picture`, []).then(data => {
            user['profile_photo'] = data.url;
          }, error => { this.user = JSON.stringify(error)});
      error => {
        this.user = JSON.stringify(error);

Am I missing something? I've even tried doing /{user-id}/picture and still receive an error. Anyone run into this issue?


By default this edge will return a 302 redirect to the picture image. To get access to the data about the picture, please include redirect=false in your query.

Source: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/reference/user/picture/

For example: Facebook.api('me/picture?redirect=false', [])...

  • You are a saint. That worked perfectly :) – Stevie Star Nov 21 '16 at 20:04

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