I beginning to try jasmine and I want to use the toThrowError() function but my test does not want to succeed.

I have one function where I throw an error:


    if(list == null){
        throw new TypeError();
        // do something...

And my test :

it('shall throw an error', inject()
        testService: TestService
    ) => {
        let test = testService.test(null);

And my test fails with an Uncaught TypeError (when I call it I'm doing it in a try catch).

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You should expect a function, that calls your function with null, to throw an error. Right now you're expecting the result of calling the function to throw an error, which isn't happening.

expect(() => testService.test(null)).toThrowError(TypeError);

Put another way, the following line in the test:

let test = testService.test(null);

executes the test function with null, throwing the TypeError. Because it's not within the expect, it is considered by jasmine to be "uncaught". After the error is thrown, nothing else is executed. The expect(test).toThrowError(TypeError); line is never called.

The code I've shown above passes a function to expect. When jasmine runs that function, it will throw the TypeError, and fulfill the toThrowError(TypeError) condition.

  • Can you please explain more? I didn't get the explanation?
    – Verma Aman
    Jan 22, 2020 at 9:23
  • Yes, I've finally understood it. Thanks.
    – Verma Aman
    Jan 23, 2020 at 4:17
  • You might have to throw the error from the spy like this here.

  • You were expecting even before throwing the error

    spyOn(foo, "setBar").and.throwError("quux");

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