I find the control-a, control-e hard to press, and for some reason control+shift+e doesnt' seem to hightlight the entire line.

how do I do this? i want to copy the line into my clipboard.


Command-LeftArrow Shift-DownArrow is one way

  • is there a way to delete everything after the cursor on a line? i hate pressing fn-delete so many times. – Blankman Nov 1 '10 at 21:19

To highlight a line in textmate, Shift-Command-L is what you want.

Edit: Checking in six years later, it seems this is now Command+L, at least in Sublime Text 2.0.2


Triple-click, then hit +C to copy.

cmd-leftArrow               # to get cursor to beginning of line

shift-cmd-rightArrow        # to highlight entire line

cmd-c                       # copy the line to clipboard

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