I am new in Elasticsearch and I have problems with the connection to the elasticsearch server.

I am using Elasticsearch 5.0.1, and I am running my code under .NET 4.5.2. I am using NEST 5.0 rc lib.

I also installed Kibana and x-pack in my pc.

My code to connect to elasticsearch:

var nodes = new Uri[] { new Uri("http://localhost:9200") };
var pool = new StaticConnectionPool(nodes);
var settings = new ConnectionSettings(pool).DefaultIndex("visitor_index");            
var client =  ElasticClient(settings);

My Search code:

var result = client.Search<VisitorTest>(s => s.Index("visitor_index")
    .Query(q => q.Match(mq => mq.Field(f => f.Name).Query("Visitor 1"))));

Basically the problem that I am having is that each time I create a new ElasticClient it take between 40-80 milliseconds to establish the connection. I created a UT for this in which I am creating a connection and running the search query twice, and then I am creating a second connection in the same test and run again the search query two times. The result is that the first query after the connection takes between 40-80 millisecond and the second query with the same connection take 2 milliseconds that is what I expect.

I tried changing the connection string to use a domain (added the domain to my local host file). I also tried removing xpack security so I do not need to authenticate.

xpack.security.enabled: false

But I always get the same result.


A few observations

  1. A single instance of ConnectionSettings should be reused for the lifetime of the application. ConnectionSettings makes heavy use of caching so should be reused.
  2. ElasticClient is thread-safe. A single instance can be safely used for the lifetime of an application
  3. Unless you have a collection of nodes, I would recommend using SingleNodeConnectionPool instead of StaticConnectionPool. The latter has logic to round-robin over nodes which is unneeded for a single node.
  4. The client takes advantage of connection pooling within the .NET framework; you can adjust KeepAlive behaviour on ConnectionSettings with EnableTcpKeepAlive()
  5. If you have a web proxy configured on your machine, you could have a look at disabling automatic proxy detection with .DisableAutomaticProxyDetection() on ConnectionSettings.
  • Definitely the problem was the 'ConnectionSettings'. Once I started using a single instance of that the connection time (for new clients) reduced to 5 milliseconds. Thanks! – Adriano Nov 22 '16 at 14:35

I'll add my few coins here.

Had exactly same issue with 40 ms requests. However from Kibana dev tools it was taking 1 ms.

Fixed by tweaking two things:

Ninject part:

kernel.Bind<IEsClientProvider>().To<EsClientProvider>().InSingletonScope().WithConstructorArgument("indexName", "items");

And in client provider:

public ElasticClient GetClient()
        if (this.client == null)
            settings = new ConnectionSettings(nodeUri).DefaultIndex(indexName);
            this.client = new ElasticClient(settings);

        return client;

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