I have a User Defined Table Type that I am using as a TVP. All the members of the User Defined Table Type are primitive SQL data types. However, one column is a User Defined Type, say,

CREATE TYPE [udtCustom] FROM [nvarchar](7) NULL

(it's just a simple abstraction for consistence and easy of refactoring when declaring different columns and parameters etc.)

Here's my type:

-- other columns here 
[ColumnName] [udtCustom] NULL,
-- other columns here

In C#, what should be the data type passed to SqlMetaData method when creating a SqlDataRecord object (to pass an IEnumerable<SqlDataRecord> to SqlDbType.Structured)?

Should I use this constructor

SqlMetaData Constructor (String, SqlDbType)

and pass a primitive type

new SqlMetaData ("ColumnName", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 7)

or, should I use this constructor

SqlMetaData Constructor (String, SqlDbType, Type, String)?

If so, what should be the type of the third parameter, Type

new SqlMetaData ("ColumnName", SqlDbType.Udt, [what goes here?], "udtCustom")?

Thanks in advance!

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