I have installed python3 from the here

When I try to run 'python3', it quits and give these information:

Fatal Python error: Py_Initialize: unable to load the file system codec ImportError: No module named 'encodings'

Current thread 0x00007fff960a93c0 (most recent call first): Abort trap: 6

Before that, I try to install python3 from Homebrew.

I don't remember whether I have to delete the build in python frameworks in the /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework

os : macOS

by the way, the IDLE works well


Here is my way to solve it.

I just create a new account and find python3 works well in my new account's terminal.


If you are using Homebrew, you can reinstall a corrupted Python environment like this:

brew uninstall --ignore-dependencies --force python python@2
brew install python python@2

I had a similar "quit unexpectedly" issue and this resolved it for me. pip and pip3 are both working fine after without messing with them.

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