I wonder if there is any way to keep main database clean of any Sphinx related tables?

Details: I have a database indexed by Sphinx. Being pretty big I used main + delta indexing recipe but in order to achieve that I had to add additional tables for counters and watchlists.

Right now I wonder if it is possible to keep the counters and watchlists tables in a separate database altogether and keep the main database as clean as possible.


There is one connection. If you want to collect data from another DB, you could use federated tables (it can be slow with big tables, better could be a script that collects the data from all and feed Sphinx as XML/CSV), but you still need to create tables in existing DB so it defeats your purpose of having the DB 'clean'. Why not put those counter and watchlists tables in another DB on the same MySQL server?

  • This could be a solution but how to run queries against two databases inside a "sql_query" declaration when you can access a single one? – Alex Nov 29 '16 at 14:26

Certainly, you probably need to use the same creditentials to connect, so as long as the user can read from both dbs.

sql_query = select * from maindb.table where id > (select counter from othersb.sphinxcounter)

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