In the azure functions there is the option of adding function keys. How do you accept keys other than the default?


where kjsdfklhsdf== is the default key. how can i use a different key?

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Under your function in the "Manage" section there is UI for adding new keys. Select "Add new function key", give it a name and select "Save" leaving the value empty. A new key will be generated for you.

Once you add a new key, you can simply copy its value and use it as the code query parameter in your requests.

If your function is a WebHook (as opposed to a regular http function), when using a key other than the default you must also specify the clientId as a query param (the client ID is the name of your new key):


This is documented more here in the WebHooks section of our wiki.

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    Ah, you were using a WebHook - I've updated my answer
    – mathewc
    Nov 22, 2016 at 21:35

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