I'm using the following title with Plotly.js

var title = "Price: $350k - 450k";

It will display something like the following Price: $350k - 450k

I want to do the following:

var title = "Price: $350k - $450k";

so I can get something like Price: $350k - $450k (hint: second $)

Apparently, in Plotly.js doing this enables LaTeX and causes it to become a mathematical expression (sort of). I've tried using the \$ escape for LaTeX but it doesn't seem that Plotly.js or possibly MathJax.js supports this.

Sadly I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to add a second dollar sign to a chart. Any help is appreciated.

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Using $ to represent a dollar sign in the string appears to work for me. So the full string would likely be:

var title = "Price: $350k - $450k";

I tried this out here and got what you wanted: https://plot.ly/create/?fid=PlotBot:3. I don't have an account so I cannot say for sure.

  • Brilliant! I apparently paradigmed on trying to get the escape sequence to be LaTeX instead of avoiding the $. Thanks! Nov 23, 2016 at 1:05

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