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I've inserted form values from an HTML page into a database with PHP but I have to couple this with another table. One query inserts some values to the address table, and this works. After pulling a MAXID value from the address query, I then have to use it to enter the other values into a 'staff' table. When I comment out the staff table query, it works. When the code is active I get this error:

Could not successfully run query (INSERT INTO staff (first_name, last_name, address_id, email, store_id) VALUES ('Hunter', 'Norman', '', 'Test@mail.com', '2')) from sakila: Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (sakila.staff, CONSTRAINT fk_staff_address FOREIGN KEY (address_id) REFERENCES address (address_id) ON UPDATE CASCADE)

I was previously helped to fix the associative index, but still have the error. Here's the code:

    $maxQuery = "SELECT MAX(address_id) FROM address";
    $result = mysqli_query($connect, $maxQuery);
    $row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result);
    if (!$result) 
        die("Could not successfully run query ($userQuery) from $db: " .    
        mysqli_error($connect) );

        print ("<p>Max Address ID:".$row['MAX(address_id)']."</p>");


    $userQuery1 = "INSERT INTO staff (first_name, last_name, address_id,     email, store_id)
           VALUES ('$first_name', '$last_name', '{$row[MAX(address_id)]}',   '$email', '$store_id')";
    $staffResult =  mysqli_query($connect, $userQuery1);
    if (!$staffResult) 
        die("Could not successfully run query ($userQuery1) from $db: " .   
        mysqli_error($connect) );
    print(" <h1>New Staff Record Added!</h1>");
    print ("<p>The following record was added:</p>");
    print("<table border='0'>
            <tr><td>First Name</td><td>$first_name</td></tr>
            <tr><td>Last Name</td><td>$last_name</td></tr>
            <tr><td>Store ID</td><td>$store_id</td></tr>
            <tr><td>Postal Code</td><td>$postal_code</td></tr>

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  • Have you verified that you're actually receiving a valid value for address? Does the address table contain anything? What's the printed max address id? – Torbjörn Stabo Nov 22 '16 at 23:04
  • Yes, the address table has over 600 records already. i've been submitting forms as tests, with just the address insert query and they continue to increment and the database reflects the form. If I comment out the staff part and just print the MAX(address_id), it prints 644,645, and so on every time I submit – Hunter Noman Nov 22 '16 at 23:06
  • I upvoted this because in your own way at least you know exactly where the line is failing. – Drew Nov 22 '16 at 23:25
  • Argh. Talk about missing the obvious! Look at your error message. In the SQL quoted there adress_id is an empty string. ..which I wouldn't expect your database to accept, right ;)? – Torbjörn Stabo Nov 22 '16 at 23:27
  • On the child table then do a show create table address ... and yes @TorbjörnStabo that is what is happening with the 3rd parameter of the INSERT stmt ... address_id – Drew Nov 22 '16 at 23:31

You're missing some quotes when you access the array. Also, assuming the FK is a number, the quotes in the query are unnecessary.

It should be:

$userQuery1 = "INSERT INTO staff (first_name, last_name, address_id, email, store_id) VALUES ('$first_name', '$last_name', {$row['MAX(address_id)']}, '$email', '$store_id')";

Hint: if you var_dump() the $userQuery1 you will see what it is running. Also, if you had PHP warnings turned on, you would see that it was trying to execute the PHP max() function with a constant, which it assumes is a string, address_id.

  • Perfect, thank you! – Hunter Noman Nov 22 '16 at 23:15
  • Nice job phil-lavin for helping him out – Drew Nov 22 '16 at 23:34

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