I'm fairly new to git.

Currently I have the commits depicted below, which have been pushed to remote. only 1 branch

I created a branch (branch1) when I had to start building a ui. But I realized that I should have made a second branch when I worked on another feature (in green).

How do I get from my current setup to the following setup? If it makes things easier, I'm working on with no other collaborators.

separate branches

Update: All the answers worked, I accepted the first one that was submitted, but used a combination of the answers. To undo commits , we can use the interactive rebase tool (Deleting a commit in Between other commits).

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Don't cherry-pick. Use git-rebase.

Here's where you are right now:

enter image description here

1) Create a new branch at the head of branch1:

git branch branch2

enter image description here

2) Reset branch1 to where its head should be:

You can use either git log to find the hash of the last good commit, or (in the case of my example) use HEAD~2 to go back two commits.

git reset --hard <back-there>

enter image description here

3) Switch to branch2

git checkout branch2

enter image description here

4) Rebase everything from branch1 up to branch2 onto master

git rebase --onto master branch1

enter image description here

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    As a side note, git rebase is essentially automating however many git cherry-pick commands are required to get the job done. So "don't cherry-pick, rebase instead" means "don't hand-pick, use the power-tool picker". :-) – torek Nov 23 '16 at 3:28
  • Even though I have a competing answer, I can say indefinitely... This is the right answer. – Pachonk Nov 24 '16 at 2:26

It's pretty awesome, actually!

First off, find the commit hash you want to create the branch from using git log. Copy the sha hash of the new branch.

Run the following (with replacing the sha hash with your actual sha):

git checkout 051ab99e1bb7359d7136d621d9feacfc82aa8721
git checkout -b my-new-branch
git push --set-upstream origin my-new-branch #optional, only if you want to push it to remote

After that, you can use git cherry-pick to add the green commits like so:

git cherry-pick SHA
$ git checkout master              # go to master branch
$ git checkout -b branch2          # create & checkout branch2

$ git reflog                       # copy commit hash of your two green commits
$ git cherry-pick <commit-hash-1>  # pick frist green commit
$ git cherry-pick <commit-hash-2>  # pick second green commit

Your branch2 is ready. Now you should undo the last two commits of branch1 $ git checkout branch1 # go to branch1 $ git reset --hard HEAD~2 # undo last two commits

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