I have installed few roles using ansible-galaxy and have included the following line in my .ansible.cfg:

roles_path    = /Users/idyllic/ansible/roles

Now, for a specific project I have defined a requirement.yml where I have listed all the ansible roles that need to be installed (and they are all stored in /Users/idyllic/ansible/roles).

ansible-galaxy install -r requirement.yml

Now, even project has a roles directory so is it wise to download the roles in the project roles directory instead of the one defining it on directory define by (.ansible_cfg)

What is the best practice for storing the roles in ansible (version

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    Please let me know why you think downvoting such question help. I will ensure that I don't repeat that in future. – Viren Nov 23 '16 at 6:39
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i have this line in my project root folder

roles_path = ./roles:..:/etc/ansible/roles

and then the requirements.yml installation places then within the project.

This ensures that if a role is part of two projects, its not updated by accident

project tree structure:

├── Makefile
├── Vagrantfile
├── ansible.cfg
├── defaults
│   └── main.yml
├── elasticsearch.yml
├── handlers
│   └── main.yml
├── meta
│   └── main.yml
├── requirements.yml
├── tasks
│   ├── main.yml
├── templates
├── roles # this is where the requirements.yml go
└── vars
    └── main.yml
  • thanks that looks better. – Viren Nov 23 '16 at 12:21

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