I am making a class diagram in draw.io, but I am completly new at it.

I am using the UML>Class2 figure.

The first three properties are part of the figure, but how do you get row number 4?

I assume there must be something so the text gets attached to the current figures.

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Select one of the existing rows and duplicate (ctrl/cmd-d or right click, select duplicate).

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    What do I do if there are no existing rows? Do I always have to keep at least one row around? Jul 11 at 11:08

If you want to add a new row below the selected one use Ctrl+Enter

It's better solution if you are dealing with classes with method and attribute fields. (Ex.: Class figure)


If you have deleted all of the rows from the class diagram:

enter image description here

Then you will have to make a new class diagram and drag one of the fields into the old one:

enter image description here

Resulting in:

enter image description here

Then to add further cells you can follow the other answers.


As @Amadeusz and @RyanZim said, pressing Ctrl + Enter is a proper way to add a new row ON Windows.

ON macOS, you can press + to do that.

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