I am creating inbox mail at automatically refresh after 2 minutes, that displays new mail display in the datatable. How can refresh my datatable?

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So you are using serverside processing. sth like this:

$(document).ready(function () {
   var table = $('#TableID').DataTable({
      "processing": true,
      "serverSide": true,
      //any other configuration options
      "ajax": "path/to/processor"

you can force it auto refresh making table's ajax param to reload every 120 second:

setInterval(function () {
  }, 120000);
  • Note that for short timers (example: 0.5 second), this can leads to ask for a reload BEFORE the old one has finished. I would add some check around, like this: let isReloading = false; setInterval( function () { if (isReloading == true) return; isReloading = true; table.ajax.reload( function() { isReloading = false; } ); }, 500 );
    – Worst
    Apr 22, 2021 at 8:03
  • Using version 1.10, the call is table.api().ajax.reload();
    – Randommm
    Jan 3 at 8:55

Considering you're using server-side processing for the Ajax-sourced datatable, all you need to do is redraw the table after every 2 minutes.

You can use Javascript's setInterval() function

var oTable = $("#mytable").DataTable({
                  'serverSide': 'true'

After initialisation, use setInterval() to redraw the table with your desired time.

}, 120000);

You will also need to call DataTable Object only ajax.reload() was not working for me

//Auto refresh Datatables on specified milliseconds
}, 30000);

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