I had originally asked the original, closely-related question on superuser.com, but I feel this might be a little more stackoverflow speed since I want something programmatic and automated, using tools no one there knows well. Here is the scenario:

Two accounts:

  • Account A (original work account with quota)
  • Account B (new backup email account)


  • Create folder in Account B (e.g. "2010 Email Backup" folder).
  • Migrate all folders in Account A nested into new folder on Account B (e.g. "2010 Email Backup" -> "Inbox", "Sent", "Trash", etc.).

I want to be able to do this every couple of months or every year, and script it for my needs with either imapsync or offlineimap. So: will using these tools, if this is possible, cause an issue when it checks Account A and clears out Account B because the original folders are different? I am not sure how specific they are, so I wanted some reports from the field. If anyone has experience with these tools, PLEASE let me know. I would love to figure this out before I hit a quota.


From the imapsync FAQ:

Q. I have moved from Braunschweig to Graz, so I would like to have my whole Braunschweig mail sorted into a folder INBOX.Braunschweig of my new mail account.

R. 1) First try (safe mode):

imapsync \
 --regextrans2 's/INBOX(.*)/INBOX.Braunschweig$1/' \
 --dry --justfolders

2) See if the output says everything you want imapsync to do, --dry option is safe and does nothing real.

3) Remove --dry. Check the imap folder tree on the target side.

4) Remove --justfolders.

  • Just for the morons like me who did not read the page thoroughly enough, here is the link to the FAQ. And it is glorious ASCII text! You sir, are a god. It is also really funny and ironic YOU got the answer. – songei2f Nov 4 '10 at 8:26

Good tip, never realized you could use --dry or pick another folder with --regextrans2

Could of been possible with:

--prefix1 INBOX.Braunschweig

You might also want to use --subscribe to make sure that you don't have any folders your not subscribed to that could otherwise get missed.

We actually wrote a cPanel IMAPSYNC too.

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