I am new on .NET and created a project XYZ. In one of the controllers, I created QR codes and save them in XYZ/Content/Uploads as long as I hard code the path.

Something like img.Save("C:\\Users\\myusername\\Documents\\Visual Studio 2015\\Projects\\XYZ\\XYZ\\Content\\Uploads\\"+newname+ ".jpg", ImageFormat.Jpeg);

When I deploy the project on Azure, obviously this doesn't work. I want to get physical path of the Content folder and so far the suggested Server.Path("~/Content/Uploads") is simply not working.

Can someone tell me why on earth something so trivial has to seem so hard to come across, and point me in the right direction :)

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    What exactly "not working" when using Server.MapPath("~/Content/Uploads")? – haim770 Nov 23 '16 at 13:57
  • The name "Server" does NOT exist in the current context – codiiv Nov 23 '16 at 14:04
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Application as root.

var folderRootPath = HttpContext.Server.MapPath("~/Content/Upload/");




  • The last version worked! HostingEnvironment.MapPath("~/Content/Upload/"); – codiiv Nov 23 '16 at 14:08

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