I'm currently working on a login system in a Django app and I was wondering about how should I check if a user is logged in across all sessions.

Logically speaking, if a user is logged in in, let's say, Browser #1, and is trying to log in from another place, Browser #2, should I just let them log in? Or should I also force log them out from the other place they were logged in (Browser #1)?

Regardless the answer for my 1st question, what's the best way to store all logged in users or how to force log a user out from it's previous log in browser?

Thanks in advance.

  • How do you determine when a user is still logged in? – Daniel Roseman Nov 23 '16 at 18:37
  • @DanielRoseman I'm not sure but thinks that's part of my question. Like, I an determine if a user is logged in by just if request.user.is_authenticated() but that's not the case (right?). – AnDrOiD Nov 23 '16 at 18:38
  • That's how you determine if the current user is logged in. But what about if they log in on browser 1 but just keep the page open? Are they still logged in? – Daniel Roseman Nov 23 '16 at 19:16
  • Currently, they're considered logged in until they log out. – AnDrOiD Nov 23 '16 at 19:18
  • The most informative you have is active sessions. There is no direct db relation between users and sessions by default in django, but you can create such a relation. See this question e.g. Whether the cookies of your active sessions are still set in any browser out there is another question though. – schwobaseggl Nov 23 '16 at 20:58

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