This might be easy for those who play with regular expressions.

str = "Here is 'sample' test";
str = str .replace(new RegExp('"', 'g'), '');
str = str .replace(new RegExp("'", 'g'), '');

How to combine 2nd and 3rd line, I want to combine regular expressions new RegExp('"', 'g') and new RegExp("'", 'g') into one regular expression, this will make it in one line. Thanks in advance.

  • this code to remove single and double quotes from string. – Dev Nov 2 '10 at 12:23


str = str.replace(new RegExp('["\']', 'g'), '');
str = str.replace(/"|'/g, '')
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    The regexp literal just doesn't get enough love. Hurray for less escaping! – fforw Nov 2 '10 at 12:26
str.replace(/['"]+/g, '')

You can simply use a character class for this, to match both single and double quotes you can use ['"].

In a full regex you would need to escape one of the quotes though.

var str = "here is 'sample' test";
str = str.replace(/["']/g, '');

Similar to Andrew's solution:

str.replace(/"|'/, 'g')

And if you seeking for a good explanation then this has been discussed on a different threat where Alan Moore explains good. Read here.

str = "Here is 'sample' test".replace(new RegExp('"', 'g'), '').replace(new RegExp("'", 'g'), '');

An example that's basically the same as yours, except it uses method chaining.

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