In C++ I would use boost::clamp for this. Basically I have some excel function


I want to do constrain it to +/- some number, call it X1. The obvious way is this:

MAX(-X1, MIN(X1, A1*B2+C3+D4))

But I want to be able to do this:

CLAMP(A1*B2+C3+D4, -X1, X1)

Does this or something similar exist? I'm just curious - obviously the workaround works, it's just ugly.


This can be done using MEDIAN. MEDIAN picks the middle of the three values, thus effectively restricting the lower and upper limits.

For example say your minimum is 5 and your maximum is 10:

=MEDIAN(5,0,10) is 5

=MEDIAN(5,7,10) is 7

=MEDIAN(5,12,10) is 10

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With spreadsheet formulas I don't think that you can do much better than that min/max construct. You could write clamp in VBA:

Function clamp(x As Double, lower As Double, upper As Double) As Double
    If x < lower Then
        clamp = lower
    ElseIf x > upper Then
        clamp = upper
        clamp = x
    End If
End Function

If you enter that in a standard code module then you could e.g. do something like this:

enter image description here

In column A I have values in the range 0 to 2*pi. In C2 I have the value 0.5. In B1 I entered


and copied down. The graph shows the result.

(Since I gave a VBA solution I'll add the Excel-VBA tag. Even if you prefer a non-VBA solution, it is possible that others in the future might search the question and be comfortable with a VBA solution).

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