How can I add multiple tabs to a jsp page ? I'm using struts, are there any jsp tag librarys I can use ?



Struts2 has a TabbedPanel tag


here is an example how to use it:

 <s:tabbedPanel id="test" >
    <s:div id="one" label="one" theme="ajax" labelposition="top" >
        This is the first pane<br/>
            <s:textfield name="tt" label="Test Text"/>  <br/>
            <s:textfield name="tt2" label="Test Text2"/>
    <s:div id="three" label="remote" theme="ajax" href="/AjaxTest.action" >
        This is the remote tab

Here you can find a page dedicated to Struts Tabbed Layout.

For Struts2 you can check RoseIndia's tutorial on TabbedLayout.


I don´t know what you want to do exactly with the tabs, In my case I only want to show information in different tabs, I don´t need an action is trigger in every tab change.

For my purpose, I use jquery:


  • Thanks, but I think I'll stick with the struts tabbed layout – blue-sky Nov 2 '10 at 14:18

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