Hi I have been shifted from VS 2013 to 2015 presently. So I am not too much familiar with in depth specifications.

I like VS 2015 as it allows me to evaluate lambda expressions and also it allow to me to change values runtime.


In some apps (winforms tested only) I am able to edit code while debugging and yes latest code is executed always i.e I don't need to stop and run the program again and againe. Yes it is very excellent feature.

But in case of my first experience at controller in MVC I am unable to edit code and it shows me multiple reasons behind this.

enter image description here

Can someone explain in what scenarios I can add/delete code while debugging?

Thanks in advance!


In your visual studio go to Tools->Options-> expand debugging -> select Edit and continue and then check Enable edit and continue. here is image of that: see screenshot

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    The Edit and Continue option is already enabled, but I am still facing the same issue! – Umar Nov 24 '16 at 11:11

You normally cannot edit and continue if you attached to an already running process which maybe your case if you are attached to a running MVC web project. If something was load using Reflection you will not be able to edit it as well.

  • yes @Igancio I am running MVC project, what could have been attached? I have some reference assemblies and there is nothing else. – Umar Nov 24 '16 at 12:15

I have also seen sometimes a similar message appearing during debug. I found the following from MSDN regarding code changes during debugging:

The following changes cannot be applied to C# code during a debugging session:

- Changes to the current statement or any other active statement.

- Active statements include any statements, in functions on the call stack, that were called to get to the current statement.

- The current statement is marked by a yellow background in the source window. Other active statements are  marked by a shaded background and are read-only. These default colors can be changed in the Options dialog box.

- Changing the signature of a type.

- Adding an anonymous method that captures a variable that hasn’t been captured before.

- Adding, removing, or changing attributes.

- Adding, removing, or changing using directives.

- Adding a foreach, using, or lock around the active statement.

More information: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms164927.aspx


So, after alot of R&D i came to know that Edit and continue is NOT available for Asp.net yet. It would be released in the final version of Visual studio 15.

source: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/visualstudioalm/2015/04/29/net-enc-support-for-lambdas-and-other-improvements-in-visual-studio-2015/

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