When working with breakpoints in Eclipse I sometimes notice that they have different icons / annotations (markers on left sidebar). Sometimes it's just a blue ball, sometimes it has a checkmark on it and sometimes it is crossed. What do all these annotations mean?

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  • blue ball: regular breakpoint, active (possibly with a hit count set)
  • empty ball (i.e. white): breakpoint has been disabled (remove checkmark in the breakpoint view, or disable in context menu)
  • diagonal line through breakpoint: all breakpoints have been disabled (button skip all breakpoints in breakpoint view)
  • question mark next to breakpoint: a condition is active for this breakpoint (look under properties of the breakpoint)
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    I had trouble finding the breakpoint view - as of Juno Window->Show View->Other->Debug->Breakpoints
    – GregM
    Mar 15, 2013 at 0:32
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    Thanks I couldn't figure out why all the breakpoints where deactivated, thanks to you I found the skip all button :)
    – Janusz
    Aug 28, 2013 at 8:12

The tick means that the breakpoint has been successfully set. I think it may only appear when you're doing remote debugging; when you add a breakpoint, it starts out as a plain ball, but once the JPDA agent in the remote system has been told about it, and has confirmed it's set, then it gets a tick.

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    Thanks for that, I couldn't find the meaning of the tick mark. May 25, 2015 at 11:20

I have created an example code with explanation inline.

public class Breakpoints {
    int field1; // watchpoint - suspend when field1 is read
    int field2; // watchpoint - suspend when field1 is written
    int field3; // watchpoint - suspend when field1 is read or written

    public void method() {
        int x;
        x = 10; // suspend before this line is executed 
        x = 11; // same as above but this breakpoint is temporarily disabled
        for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++) {
            x = i; // conditional breakpoint - suspend when i==5

Eclipse breakpoint icons

Once you select Skip All Breakpoints in the Breakpoints view (Window | Show Viev | Debug | Breakpoints), all the icons become diagonally struck through like this:

Eclipse breakpoint icons Skip All


I think answer given by @sleske is explaining all things except for :

Blue Ball with Tick : Breakpoint is successfully set because Your Source code matches with the Byte Code and debug control will reach there.

Only Blue Ball : Source code differs from Byte code (May be you are running a older Snapshot of code). Control will never reach at this breakpoint. You will have to update your JARs to get control to these breakpoints.


Adding to earlier answers. The small white c over a green ball icon means that the breakpoint is at the class level.

Class Load Breakpoint

Eclipse Help


If you see a "T" on the blue ball, It means a triggering point for remote debugging enter image description here


In Eclipse toolbar press Help > Help Contents

A new window will open, simply type JDT Icons. Select the result with the same name.

A list of icons with their respective meaning shaw appear. Scroll down until you find the Debugger section.

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