I am having issues updating my pod from my forked repository..keep getting: [!] Unable to find a specification for 'QMChatViewController'.

The story...I have forked a repository, this one: https://github.com/QuickBlox/QMChatViewController-ios

I have then done some changes, pushed it to my forked repository at github.

Then in my podfile, I changed to: pod 'QMChatViewController', :git => 'https://github.com/myrepo/QMChatViewController-ios', :commit => '23123123123sha'

Anything I am not doing correctly here? Please advice....


Had the same problem.

QB has 2 pod specs QMCVDevelopment.podspec and PublicCocoaPods/QMChatViewController.podspec. I removed QMCVDevelopment.podspec development and moved QMChatViewController.podspec to root.

  • Thanks..and that's it? Do we need to update any details in the podspec? – tzuer Nov 28 '16 at 14:02
  • 1
    Yes, need to set source with your forked repo. – Bogdan Bilonog Nov 30 '16 at 13:47
  • Thank you so much! – tzuer Dec 4 '16 at 19:33

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