I am trying to test a style attribute for a React component. What is the best way to get style params in the test?

At this moment, my best option is to test if the HTML includes the string, but I think there is a better option.


it('Should render large image when desktop', () => {
    const dummyUrl = 'http://dummyUrl';
    const wrapper = shallow(
          app: fromJS({ browser: { desktop: true } }),
        <LandingHero bigImage={dummyUrl} />

The Component to test is:

// @flow
import React, { Component } from 'react';
import gc from 'styles/core.scss';
import $ from 'jquery';
import DownloadButton from 'components/DownloadButton';
import withStyles from 'isomorphic-style-loader/lib/withStyles';
import DownArrow from 'components/DownArrow';
import { connect } from 'react-redux';
import type { Map } from 'immutable';
import c from './styles.scss';

@withStyles([gc, c])
@connect(({ app }) => ({ app }))
class LandingHero extends Component {
  componentDidMount() {
    if ($(window).height() > 0) { // Necesary for webpack dev server
      $(this.hero).css('height', $(window).height() - 46);

  hero: HTMLElement;

  props: {
    app: Map<string, any>,
    copy: string,
    secondaryText: string,
    thirdText: string,
    bigImage?: string,
    smallImage: string,

  render() {
    const { copy, secondaryText, thirdText } = this.props;
    const browser = this.props.app.has('browser') ? this.props.app.get('browser') : {};
    const backgroundImage = browser.desktop ? this.props.bigImage : this.props.smallImage;

    return (
        className={`${c.hero} ${gc.textCenter}` +
        ` ${gc.alignMiddle} ${gc.alignCenter} ${gc.row} ${gc.expanded}`}
        ref={(hero) => { this.hero = hero; }}
          margin: 0,
          position: 'relative',
          background: `linear-gradient(to bottom, rgba($ixdarkprimary, .3), rgba($ixdarkprimary, .3)), url(${backgroundImage || ''})`,
        <div className={`${gc.row} ${gc.alignCenter} ${gc.alignMiddle} ${gc.column} ${gc.medium10}`}>
          <div className={`${gc.textCenter}`}>
              className={`${gc.white} ${c.mainText} ${c.copy}`}
              { copy }
            <div className={`${gc.small6} ${gc.smallOffset3} ${gc.medium4} ${gc.mediumOffset4}`} style={{ marginBottom: 45 }}>
              <DownloadButton />
            <div className={`${gc.white} ${gc.fontBold} ${gc.font24}`}>{secondaryText}</div>
            <p className={`${gc.white} ${gc.font20}`}>{thirdText}</p>
          <DownArrow goTo="#content" />

export default LandingHero;
  • hey jacefarm what is the configuration you use for jest in order to use sass(scss)? I mean I have the following ` "moduleNameMapper": { "\\.(scss|css)$": "<rootDir>/src/sassMockForJest.js" },` but I got undefined errors when using properties for example if I used the same component like you I would see Cannot read property 'textCenter' of undefined because the ${gc.textCenter} – heriberto perez Jul 19 '17 at 18:12
  • Hey, you can get rid of your mock store by exporting your class as well. You get: import ConnLandingHero, { LandingHero } from "../LandingHero"; It's saved our team a lot of time. – taystack Aug 6 '19 at 16:35

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You can use this method. It returns ReactElement.

let containerStyle = container.get(0).style;
expect(containerStyle).to.have.property('opacity', '1');
  • 56
    For those using Jest, note that it should be expect(...).toHaveProperty(...) instead. – Yangshun Tay Jan 2 '18 at 7:10
  • 17
    It should be container.get(0).props.style – user3142695 May 29 '18 at 20:48
  • 15
    None of these are working for me. wrapper.get(0).style returns undefined as well as wrapper.get(0).props.style. – 10000RubyPools Mar 11 '19 at 20:56
  • 9
    this will only work if style is a react prop like in the case of inline-styling – redbandit Sep 3 '19 at 10:45
  • 1
    try using wrapper.props().style, in my case I got rid of get(0) by directly using props() and it gave me the required style property – Dawood Valeed Jun 10 at 13:38

Slightly elaborating on others' answers:

expect(component.find('#item-id').prop('style')).toHaveProperty('backgroundSize', '100%');

This will check the style prop of #item-id. This prop is an object and here toHaveProperty matcher checks if this object contains backgroundSize property and if its value is 100%.

This way other style properties are ignored.

const elem = wrapper.find(Element);
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    this is the correct answer if you want to assert on external CSS style applied to the particular element — that's opposed to inline CSS styles passed as props etc. – revelt Apr 3 '20 at 13:21
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    Works perfectly. Thank you so much. This should be the accepted answer! – Simon Long Jun 17 '20 at 14:26

expect(component.find('#item-id').prop('style')).to.deep.equal({display: 'none'})

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    deep is very important here thanx – Hamed Minaee Mar 1 '18 at 13:49

If you use jest-styled-components then you can use toHaveStyleRule as follows:

expect(component.find('#item-id')).toHaveStyleRule('opacity', 'red');


Have a look at chaiEnzyme, which provides a handy little assertion you can use with chai to check whether a wrapper has a particular style (https://github.com/producthunt/chai-enzyme#stylekey-val), should help make your tests look a little cleaner.


For me, it was a mash-up for a few answers. For those also using Jest / Enzyme:

let containerStyle = wrapper.find('#item-id').get(0).props.style;

expect(containerStyle).toHaveProperty('opacity', '1'); // ('propert', 'value')


  • find returns a ShallowWrapper so we need to .get(0) the first matching element
  • .props is an attribute not a function in this instance
  • jest uses toHaveProperty not to.have.property

I would like to add that the following props() method can also be used. https://airbnb.io/enzyme/docs/api/ShallowWrapper/props.html

let containerStyleOpacity = container.get(0).props().style.opacity; expect(containerStyleOpacity).to.be.equal('1');


This works for me also.

expect(containerStyle.getDOMNode()).toHaveStyle('opacity : 0');

I had to do this to replace


which worked when I ran the test locally in my Intellij IDE. However when I ran it using npm t it failed. Must be something to do with how getComputedStyle was being computed in the different scenarios.

toHaveStyle worked in both 👍


I don't know if Enzyme has changed with recent versions but I needed parentheses after props in order to get the top answer to work.

containerStyle = container.get(0).props().style;

const node = wrapper.find(Element);
//Checking border property
expect(getComputedStyle(node.getDOMNode()).getPropertyValue('border')).toBe('2px solid red');
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    Please don't post only code as answer, but also provide an explanation what your code does and how it solves the problem of the question. Answers with an explanation are usually more helpful and of better quality, and are more likely to attract upvotes. – Mark Rotteveel Dec 22 '20 at 16:08

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