I want to test uploading a file in a Rails Rspec request test. I'm using Paperclip for asset storage.

I've tried:

path = 'path/to/fixture_file'
params = { file: Rack::Test::UploadedFile.new(path, 'application/pdf', true) }
post v1_product_documents_path, params: params

In the controller, I get a string


instead of the actual file.

The same code works in controller tests


try to use fixture_file_upload: fixture_file_upload

or if you wanted to use this in a factory

 Rack::Test::UploadedFile.new(File.open(File.join(Rails.root, '/spec/fixtures/images/bob-weir.jpg')))
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    fixutre_file_upload uses Rack::Test::UploadedFile under the hood, so this is generally identical.
    – hirowatari
    Dec 9 '16 at 23:30

In rails_helper.rb do

include ActionDispatch::TestProcess
include Rack::Test::Methods

Then you have few options. 1. You can use fixture_file_upload helper

  let(:file) { fixture_file_upload('files/image.jpg') }
  it 'it should work' do
    post some_path, params: { uploads: { file: file } }
  1. You can use Uploaded file but you have to give full path
  let(:file) { Rack::Test::UploadedFile.new(Rails.root.join('spec',
  'fixtures', 'blank.jpg'), 'image/jpg') }
  let(:params) { { attachment: file, variant_ids: ['', product.master.id] } }
  let(:action) { post :create, product_id: product.slug, image: params }
  • I don't think this has any practical difference from RSB's answer.
    – hirowatari
    Dec 9 '16 at 23:33

Under describe block, include these modules

include Rack::Test::Methods
include ActionDispatch::TestProcess

Now try running the specs

path = 'path/to/fixture_file'
params = { "file" => Rack::Test::UploadedFile.new(path, 'application/pdf', true) }
post v1_product_documents_path, params: params

Also, I guess you forgot to add , between v1_product_documents_path and params: params, please add that and let me know.

Hope that helps!

  • Those two includes don't seem to help (I had tried that before). Were you able to gets this working in a Rails request spec?
    – hirowatari
    Dec 6 '16 at 23:04
  • @hirowatari you did put the includes within the describe block? Apr 30 '18 at 6:00

For rails 6 no need to do includes, just fixture_file_upload. If you are using spec/fixtures/files folder for fixtures you can use file_fixture helper

let(:csv_file) { fixture_file_upload(file_fixture('file_example.csv')) }

subject(:http_request) { post upload_file_path, params: { file: csv_file } }

Might be useful for other users: I got this problem because I mistakenly used a get instead of a post request in my specs.


For others still getting something like "#Rack::Test::UploadedFile:0x0055b544479128>" in the controller after implementing the approved solution above, I resolved this by changing my content-type header to be 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' so that form data would be accepted.

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