I am making a slider that have 3 images and they are draggable with limits , I am using UI touch punch to make the mobile drag work.

This is my js code so far :

axis: "x",
drag: function(event, ui) {

    //$(window).scrollTo(0, scrollPage);
    if (ui.position.left > 0) {
        newLeft = 0;
    } else if (ui.position.left < max_drag) {
        newLeft = max_drag;
    } else {
        newLeft = ui.position.left;
    ui.position.left = newLeft;

and this is what i want to achieve : enter image description here now everything works except on mobile when i scroll vertically over the draggable element it doesn't scroll even tho the draggable is only on x axis.

I have searched and fuond this : jQuery UI draggable prevents scrolling on mobile And jQuery UI Draggable and Page Scrolling (on mobile) but I couldnt get a clear solution or answer.

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